CASHZONE is an "electronic flyer" advertising platform that accumulates cash to members and landowners who have checked the advertisement whenever a member consumes (checks) an electronic flyer. CASHZONE members are largely composed of three groups: general members, small business owners, and landowners.


You can save cash by viewing ads on CASHZONE Mobile. (Planned to open Android app in April 2022) If you invite your friend, you will earn 500 cash.The accumulated cash can be converted into cash in units of 10,000 cash. (1 cache = 1 won)


Only business operators can sign up. You can send ads to CASHZONE members near your store or wherever you want. Target advertisements by region, gender, age group, and time are available. As with paper flyers, printing and distribution costs are not spent, so effective advertising can be done at a low cost. Try making customers around the store regular!

Land Owner Revenue Example

Expected to participate in 200 land advertisements at 30 stores a day at Seohyeon Station.

* The above example is for reference only and may differ from the actual situation.

CASHZONE Milestone


Founded in 2018, CASHZONE development and operator CASHZONE Co., Ltd. and holds a number of technical patents and trademark rights with excellent technology.


We have partnerships with various companies and organizations such as law, tax, technology, and art.