If you sign up for CASHZONE AD,

you can send advertisements in real time on CASHZONE Mobile .
Target advertising can be effective for regions, genders, and age groups wishing to advertise. You can also advertise only when you need it.
Meet a prospective regular near my store.
If you are a business operator, both small business owners and companies can become CASHZONE AD members.

If you become a CASHZONE AD member,

You can advertise effectively with target advertising.
You can send advertisements by selecting the region, gender, and age group of those who are exposed to advertisements. You can advertise to members near your store.
Advertise to members near the store and meet prospective regulars.
There is an easy-to-meet local ad.
You can advertise in detail and efficiently until the time you want.
You can selectively advertise when there are no customers, or when you don't need them, You can stop advertising in real time, so you can spend efficiently on advertising.