Location Terms

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this agreement is to stipulate all necessary matters to use the location information service (hereinafter
referred to as "service") provided by the visitors (hereinafter referred to as "company").

Article 2 (Effect and modification of terms and conditions)

1. This Terms and Conditions shall take effect when members use the Services, access the Website or mobile app, agree to
the Terms and Conditions, apply for membership, and the Company agrees to join.
2. The company can change the terms and conditions from time to time and post them on its website so that members can
easily check them.
3. The revised terms and conditions will take effect from the time the website is announced.
However, if the terms and conditions are changed at a significant disadvantage to the members, the contents are notified
in advance for at least 30 days, and if the customer does not raise an objection within 30 days from the date of
announcement, the changed terms and conditions are considered to be agreed upon.

Article 3 (Rules outside the Terms and Conditions)

Matters not disclosed in this Agreement shall be governed by the Information and Communication Network Act (hereinafter
referred to as the "Information and Communication Network Act"), the Location Information Protection and Utilization Act
(hereinafter referred to as the "Location Information Act").

Article 4 (Definition of Terminology)

The definitions of terms used in this Agreement are as follows, and terms not specified in this Terms of Use are
interpreted as the meaning commonly used by the company in service-related information and business data.
1. Location Information Service (hereinafter referred to as "Service") refers to Cash Zone Land, Cash Zone Mobile, and
Cash Zone Add, in which the company collects location information of a personal location information subject and
provides it to users of location-based services.
2. General Member: A person who receives location-based services provided by Cashmon through the location information
provided by himself.
3. Business Member: A person who provides benefits or information to general members through location information
provided by members.
4.Users: General members and business members are collectively referred to as users.
5. Location-based service: Service using location information.
6. Location Information System: A combination of computer hardware, software, databases and human resources organically
linked to collect, analyze, use, and provide location information through information and communication networks under
Article 2(1)1 of the Information and Communication Network Act.
7. Personal Location Information Subject: A person identified by personal location information.

Chapter II Provision and Utilization of Services

Article 5 (Subscription to Services)

1. Users must agree to these terms and conditions in order to subscribe to the service, and if there is a separate
registration requirement (membership registration procedure) set by the company, they must meet the requirements.
2. If there is an application for service subscription under paragraph 1 of this Article, the application for service
will be approved by the company through a separate approval process. However, the company may refuse approval if the
following reasons occur.
1) Where there are false entries, omissions, or errors in the requirements related to membership set by the company.
2) In the case of applying for service for the purpose of violating relevant laws and regulations or harming public
order and customs.
3) If other company's requirements for service subscription are not met,

Article 6 (Method of collecting location information

1. The company collects personal location information using GPS information collected by dedicated terminals with
built-in GPS chips.
2. When the method of collecting personal location information specified in paragraph 1 is changed, the company will
notify the website or mobile app in advance or notify the user separately. However, if a reason that the company cannot
control occurs and prior notice is impossible, it will be notified afterwards.

Article 7 (Provision of Services)

1. Unless there is a special problem with the company's service provision and location information system, the service
is provided 24 hours a day throughout the year.
If any of the following reasons occurs, the company may restrict, change, or suspend some or all of the services
provided to the user until the reason is resolved, and shall not be liable for any disadvantages incurred to the user.
1) In the case where there is a reason or risk of occurrence that cannot be controlled by the company's reasonable
efforts, such as natural disasters, wars, riots, fires, strikes, and control of intelligence agencies, etc.
2) In a case where a telecommunications service provider operating a telecommunications service necessary for providing
a service stops the telecommunications service or a service failure occurs due to other reasons of the
telecommunications service provider.
3) If it is very difficult to provide normal services due to power outage, failure of all facilities, or congestion of
service usage,
4) In the case where the company periodically inspects the location information system or when a technical problem
occurs in the location information system and an emergency inspection is required.
5) In the event of a reason that significantly hinders the smooth operation of other services,
2. The Company shall notify the user of the fact as soon as possible when restricting the use of the service pursuant to
each subparagraph of paragraph (2) of this Article, and shall notify the user of the fact seven days prior to the date
of inspection.
3. Service provision may be subject to errors depending on the limitations of related technologies or telecommunications

Article 8 (Notification of Change of Service Contents, etc.)

1. When the company changes or terminates the service, the company may notify the user of the change or termination of
the service to the registered e-mail address.
2. In the case of paragraph 1, when notifying an unspecified number of people, the user may be notified through notices
from other companies such as websites or mobile apps.

Article 9 (Restriction and suspension of service use)

1. If a user falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the company may restrict or suspend the user's use of the
service, or terminate the service use contract ex officio.
1) In the case of providing location-based services that violate laws, public order, and customs using the service.
2) In the case of intentionally or grossly obstructing the operation of the company's services.
3) In the case of causing errors or damage to the location information system or abusing errors or malfunctions of the
location information system.
4) Where it is remarkably difficult to provide services or implement these terms and conditions due to the relevant laws
and regulations or orders, instructions, guidance, recommendations, court rulings, etc. of the relevant agencies.
5) In the case where the user fails to correct the service fee within 30 days even though the company requested
correction because the user did not pay the service fee on time or did not fulfill other obligations under these terms
and conditions.
6) In the case where a user is bankrupt, a workout, a bankruptcy application, an application for commencement of
rehabilitation procedures, etc. occurs.
7) In the case where a reason for restriction or termination of service prescribed by agreement occurs between the user
and the person looking for it.
8) If it is unavoidable due to inspection, maintenance, or construction of service equipment,
9) In the case where a telecommunications service provider terminates the telecommunications service prescribed by the
Telecommunications Business Act
10) In the case where the use of the service is hindered due to a national emergency, a failure of service facilities,
or a runaway use of the service, etc.
11) In the event that any other reasonably difficult reason arises that makes it remarkably difficult for the smooth
realization of these terms and conditions smoothly.
2. The company does not provide services to minors, so if a minor member joins, he or she can terminate the service
contract ex officio.
3. When the company restricts or suspends the use of the service in accordance with the provisions of the preceding
paragraph, it shall inform the user of the reason and period of restriction.

Chapter III Protection of Location Information

Article 10 (Use and Protection of Location Information)

1. The company shall make sincere efforts to protect personal location information as prescribed by relevant laws and

CHAPTER IV Rights and Obligations for Service Delivery

Article 11 (Company's Obligations)

1. When the user or the personal location information subject receives a complaint regarding the service, the company
shall promptly handle the complaint, and if it is difficult to process it quickly, the reason and the processing
schedule shall be notified to the user or the personal location information subject.
2. When providing services, the company faithfully complies with relevant laws and regulations such as the Location
Information Act, the Information and Communication Network Act, the Communications Secret Protection Act, and the
Telecommunications Business Act.

Article 12 (Rights of Users and Personal Location Information Subjects)

1. If the user does not want to provide the location information, the user may request withdrawal or withdrawal of the
service, and if the request is difficult, the company will notify the user or the personal location information subject.
2. Users and personal location agents may submit or request correction of any service-related inquiries or complaints to
the service provider by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, etc. to the company's address, contact number, website, etc. as
set forth in Article 19 of this Agreement.

Article 13 (Obligations of Users)

1. Users must provide and register complete information consistent with the current facts when providing or registering
all necessary information for the use of the service. In addition, the company shall be notified of the consent of the
personal location information subject collected pursuant to Article 12 (1) of this Agreement, and shall be immediately
changed and notified if any changes occur.
The company is not responsible for any loss caused by the user's violation.
2. In order to use the company's location information collection service smoothly, users should manage to ensure that
the mobile phone and other location information collection devices work properly.
3. Users are not allowed to do any of the activities listed below.
1) Registration or dissemination of computer virus infection data that causes the destruction and confusion of equipment
malfunction or information related to the collection of personal location information.
2) The act of pretending to be another person and the act of falsely specifying the relationship with another person.
3) The act of distributing false information for the purpose of giving property benefits to oneself or others or causing
damage to others.
4) The act of unauthorized use or leakage of personal location information of another person.
5) other illegal or unjust acts
4. When the company gives the user ID and password (PASSWORD) to the user for service use, the user shall not inform or
use the user ID and password (PASSWORD) to a third party, and shall be responsible for the management.
5. Users shall observe the relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the information
on the use of services, the precautions announced on the services, and the company's notifications regarding the use of


Article 14 (Address and contact information, etc.)

1. The company name, address, contact information, etc. of the company that provides the service according to these
terms and conditions are as follows.
- Sangho: CASHZONE Co., Ltd.
- Representative: Lee Kyu-hong
- Address: 23, Hyoryeong-ro 33-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
- Phone number: 1644-4964
2. In order to establish and implement technical and administrative measures to protect personal location information
and to smoothly handle complaints from personal location information subjects, the company designates and operates a
person in charge of location information management.
Name of Director of Location Information Management: Kim Sun-hwang
Email: help@cashzone.co.kr

Article 15 (Prohibition of Transfer)

1. The Company and the User shall not transfer or provide any rights arising under these Terms and Conditions to a third
party without prior written approval from the other party, and shall not allow any obligations arising under these Terms
and Conditions to be taken over by a third party.

Article 16 (Additional Agreement)

1. The Company and the User may make additional arrangements to provide details or additional information not included
in this Agreement regarding the use of the Services.

Article 17 (Compensation for damages)

1. Users who have caused damage to the Company in violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall
compensate the Company for all damages incurred. At this time, users cannot escape responsibility unless they prove that
there is no intention or negligence.
2. Users shall be solely responsible for any legal or de facto disputes arising from the breach of the terms and
conditions of the user, including any third party, such as objections, disputes, lawsuits, etc. and the user shall
compensate or compensate the company for damages or losses incurred in such disputes.
3. If a company intentionally or negligently violates the provisions of Articles 15 or 26 of the Location Information
Act and causes damage to a user or a personal location information subject, the user or personal location information
subject may claim damages from the scope of liability is limited to general damages. At this time, the company cannot
escape responsibility unless it proves that there is no intention or negligence.

Article 18 (Disclaimer)

1. The Company shall not be liable for any failure to provide normal services for any of the following reasons:
1) Case where a natural disaster or equivalent force majeure occurs.
2) Where there is a deliberate obstruction of service by a third party who has entered into a service partnership
agreement with the company to provide services.
3) If there is a disability in using the service due to reasons attributable to the user,
4) Case where there is no intention or negligence of the company other than subparagraph 1 or 3.
2. If a user violates the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, or causes damage or service disruption due
to reasons attributable to the user or the personal location information subject, the company shall not be liable for
3. The user is responsible for managing the location information provided by the company to the user and any other
information resulting from the use of the service, and the company is not responsible for any negligence, unauthorized
or unauthorized use of such information.
4. The final decision on the information obtained by the user through the service shall be made by the user himself, and
the company shall not guarantee any specific purpose or profit that the user expects from the use of the service.
5. The Company shall not guarantee the information, data, reliability, accuracy, etc. published in the Services and
Services and shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Users.

Article 19 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions)

1. These Terms and Conditions shall be applied fairly in accordance with the principle of good faith, and if any part of
these Terms and Conditions is not stipulated or unclear in the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be
governed by the relevant laws and regulations of Korea.

Article 20 (Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction Court)

1. If there is no consultation between the parties regarding a dispute related to location information, or if no
consultation is possible, the company may apply to the Korea Communications Commission for a ruling pursuant to Article
28 of the Act on the Protection and Utilization of Location Information.
2. A company or user may apply for dispute mediation with the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee in
accordance with Article 43 of the Personal Information Protection Act if there is no consultation between the parties on
a dispute related to location information.
3. If the dispute arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions has not been resolved smoothly, the competent
court in charge of the lawsuit shall be the court having jurisdiction over the location of the head office of the

This policy will take effect from June 09, 2022.