Terms and conditions of use

            Article 1 (Purpose)

            This Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are intended to provide the terms and procedures of use of Cash Zone Mobile, Cash Zone Add, Cash Zone Land (hereinafter referred to as "Cash Zone") services provided by the visitors (hereinafter referred to as "Company").

            Article 2 (Organization of Terms)

            The definitions of terms used in this Agreement are as follows.

            Cashzone service (hereinafter referred to as "service") refers to all services provided by Cashzone Mobile, Cashzone Land, and Cashzone Add that the company provides to its members regardless of their environment of use (PC, mobile, tablet PC, etc.).
            User: It refers to a customer who accesses the company's service, agrees to these terms and conditions and the privacy policy, enters into a contract with the company, and uses the service provided by the company. Members are divided into general members and business members according to the service they use.
            General Member: A customer who agrees with the terms and conditions of the company and uses the services provided by the company.
            Business Member: A business member with a business registration number who agrees to the terms and conditions of the company and uses the services provided by the company.
            ID: It refers to an email address registered by a member and approved by the company for identification of the member and use of the service.
            PIN: As a means of confirming that a member is a member that matches the given ID, the "Password" must consist of a combination of letters or numbers approved by the company for confidentiality purposes.
            Post: When a member uses the service, it refers to information such as signs, text, voice, sound, images, and videos registered on the bulletin board of the service, photos, videos, and links to various files.
            Content: It refers to information or data in the form of online digital such as signs, letters, figures, colors, voices, sounds, images, and images provided by the company to its members.
            Cash: It refers to the data on the service that users can save or deduct after purchasing through in-service activities.
            Cashzone advertising: It refers to the provision of advertising materials intended by business members to general members within the service. 
            It means that the member terminates the use contract.

            Article 3 (Effect and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

            These terms and conditions take effect when members use the service, access the website, agree to the terms and conditions, apply for membership, and the company approves the membership.
            The company can change the terms and conditions from time to time and post them on its website so that members can easily check them.
            The revised terms and conditions will take effect when they are announced on the website.However, if the terms and conditions are changed at a significant disadvantage to the members, the contents are notified in advance for at least 30 days, and if the customer does not raise an objection within 30 days from the date of announcement, the changed terms and conditions are considered to be agreed upon.

            Article 4 (Protection of Personal Information)

            The company strives to protect the members' personal information as prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations, and the protection and use of personal information is in accordance with the relevant laws and the company's personal information processing policy.
            The company does not provide members' personal information to others without their consent, except at the request of the relevant national institution, etc. according to the relevant laws and regulations.
            The company is not responsible for damages caused by the leakage of personal information due to reasons attributable to members.

            Article 5 (Provision and modification of services)

            1. If you agree to these terms and conditions and apply for use, you can use the service from the time the approval is completed.

            2. The service is based on a specific OS and version and may be changed as required by the technology. Some or all of the services may not run on OS and versions that are out of standard.

            3. The company can change the functions and services of the cache zone at any time according to its policy and technical needs. However, if the change is significantly disadvantageous to the members, important details must be announced.

            4. The company may suspend all or part of the service in the event of maintenance inspection, replacement and failure of information and communication facilities such as computers, interruption of communication networks, and other considerable operational reasons.
            In this case, in principle, the company shall notify the reason and period of the suspension in advance, and if there are unavoidable circumstances, it may notify afterwards.

            Article 6 (Suspension of service)

            The company may suspend the provision of the service without prior notice if any of the following situations occur to its members.

            1. When the application is found to have stolen the name of another person or false information.
            2. In the event that the service operation is severely disrupted or interfered with the normal operation.
            3. If a member continues to violate the obligations under these Terms and Conditions,
            4. Other serious violations of laws and regulations or causes social controversy.

            Article 7 (Company's Obligations)

            1. The Company faithfully complies with its obligation to provide continuous and stable services in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and these terms and conditions.
            2. The company will always maintain the service in an operational state and do its best to repair and repair the service without delay in case of equipment failure or loss.
            3. The Company shall expedite any opinions or complaints raised by its members if they are deemed legitimate or if it confirms that there is an error.
            However, if it is difficult to process quickly, we will inform the members of the reason and the processing schedule.

            Article 8 (Member's Obligations)

            1. Members shall comply with these Terms and Conditions and relevant laws and regulations and shall not engage in acts that interfere with the normal performance of the Company.

            2. The company stores the data entered into the service on its members' PCs and mobile devices. Members are responsible for managing PCs or mobile devices and should not allow anyone else to use them.
            The company is not responsible for data loss caused by poor management of PCs or mobile devices or for damages caused by consent to use by others.
            3. Members must comply with the company's notice in using the service.
            4. Members shall not engage in any act that falls under any of the following items.
            1) The act of stating false information when applying for use or changing member information.
            2) the act of stealing information from others' information
            3) infringement of intellectual property rights of a company or a third party
            4) Act of defaming or interfering with the business of a company or a third party
            5) The act of using a service for purposes other than its original purpose, such as profit, without the consent of the company.
            6) Changing services, hacking into servers, leaking or changing data, or arbitrarily changing services without being granted special rights by the company.
            7) Other illegal and contrary to conventional wisdom

            Article 9 (Accounting and Deducting Cash)

            Cash accumulation allows users to accumulate cash predetermined by the company if they check the advertisement according to the method specified by the company within the service.
            You can check the cash accumulation in Cashmon service.
            If there is a difference between the accumulation cache recorded on the company server (hereinafter referred to as the server) and the accumulation cache in the user's terminal (hereinafter referred to as the client), it is always based on the accumulation cache recorded on the server. Also, the difference due to asynchronous server and client cannot be corrected.
            The tax expense incurred by the accumulated cache is borne by the user.
            The accumulated cash cannot be transferred, inherited, rented, or secured, except in cases recognized by the company.
            Cash deduction refers to cases where a user wants to use the accumulated cache in service or through an in-service partner, or convert the cache into cash.
            Cash conversion of cash can only be applied to regular members through Cash Zone Mobile.
            Cash conversion of cash is possible when more than 10,000 cash is accumulated, and 95% of the expected conversion cash is paid for all expenses such as the company's business during conversion, and tax deductions are separately charged.
            If a business member wishes to provide an advertisement within the service, he or she must purchase a cache in cash, and each time a general member checks the advertisement, a cache of the specified size in the service is deducted.

            Article 10 (Provision of Advertising)

            The company may place ads in the service in connection with the operation of the service.
            In addition, advertising information can be transmitted by e-mail, text service, push message, etc. only to members who agree to receive it. In this case, the member may refuse to receive it at any time, and the company does not send advertising information when the member refuses to receive it.
            You can connect to advertisements or services provided by others through banners or links among the services provided by the company.
            In accordance with paragraph 2, when connected to an advertisement or service provided by another person, the service provided in that area is not in the company's service area, so the company does not guarantee reliability or stability, and the company is not responsible for damages to its members.
            Business members can use cash zone advertisements, and if the general member confirms more than the time set by the company after the advertisement is exposed to the general member, the company must pay the cash zone advertisement cost according to the information specified in the service.

            Article 11 (Property of Copyright, etc.

            1. Copyright and other intellectual property rights to the content in the service belong to the company.
            2. Posts posted by members may be edited and exposed in whole or in part for search or promotion, and members whose profits are infringed may request the company to delete the information or publish any refutation. In this case, the company will take necessary measures as soon as possible.
            3. Members shall reproduce and transmit information attributable to the company from the information obtained through the services provided by the company (editing, publication, performance, distribution, broadcasting, secondary works, etc.) without the company's prior consent. The following is the case:) Do not allow other people to use it for profit.
            4. This section is valid while the Company operates and will continue to apply after withdrawal.

            Article 12 (Exemption clause)

            1. The Company shall not be liable for the provision of services in the event of a natural disaster or equivalent force majeure. 2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the information obtained by the Member using the Services.
            3. The Company shall not be liable for any failure to use the Services due to the intention or negligence of the Members.
            4. The Company shall not guarantee the accuracy, stability, validity, etc. of the information displayed on the service screen unless the information, data, and falsehood and illegality of the facts posted by the Member are objectively verified.
            5. Members shall use the information provided through the service to conclude contracts, and the Company shall not be involved as a party, broker or agent in the conclusion of contracts or performance of obligations between the members, and shall not be liable for any default or tort arising therefrom.
            6. The Company is not obligated to intervene in transactions or disputes arising from services with other Members or others and shall not be liable for any damages caused by such transactions.
            7. If a member is unable to use all or part of the content due to a change in the mobile device, a change in the number of the mobile device, an operating system (OS) version, overseas roaming, or a change in the carrier, the company will not be responsible for this.
            8. If a member deletes the content or account information provided by the company, the company is not responsible for this.
            9. The Company shall not be liable for the use of free services unless otherwise provided in the relevant laws.

            Article 13 (Prohibition of Transfer)

            1. Users (members, general members, business members) shall not transfer or provide any rights arising from these Terms and Conditions to any third party without prior written approval from the Company, and shall not allow any obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions to be taken over by any third party.

            Article 14 (Additional Agreement)

            1. The Company and the User may make additional arrangements to provide details or additional information not included in this Agreement regarding the use of the Services.

            Article 15 (Court with jurisdiction over damages and dispute resolution)

            1. Users who have caused damage to the Company in violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall compensate the Company for all damages incurred. At this time, users cannot escape responsibility unless they prove that there is no intention or negligence.
            2. Users shall be solely responsible for any legal or de facto disputes arising from the breach of the terms and conditions of the user, including any third party, such as objections, disputes, lawsuits, etc. and the user shall compensate or compensate the company for damages or losses incurred in such disputes.
            3. If the dispute arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions has not been resolved smoothly, the competent court in charge of the lawsuit shall be the court having jurisdiction over the location of the head office of the company.

            Article 15 (Court with jurisdiction over damages and dispute resolution)

            If there are any differences in interpretation of the contents and matters not stipulated in this Agreement, we will follow the general commercial practice.

            This policy will take effect from June 09, 2022.